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Fred Thieler Prize

Painting as “an exploratory act” – that was how Fred Thieler (1916–1999), a pivotal exponent of Art Informel in Germany, saw his art. He founded the prize in his own lifetime, dedicating it to artists who adopt a stance in their painting without regard for current market trends.

Der Maler Fred Thieler 1974

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The Fred Thieler Prize for Painting has been awarded since 1992 (since 2007 every two years). The event takes place on 17 March, the artist’s birthday, at the Berlinische Galerie. The winner receives 10,000 euros from the endowment.

This award is made to artists living in Germany who make a distinctive contribution to the development of contemporary art. The Berlinische Galerie stages an exhibition for the winner and publishes the eulogy in a commemorative Festschrift.


Year Winner Eulogy
2021 Tatjana Doll Thomas Köhler
2017 Christine Streuli Tobia Bezzola
2015 Bernhard Martin Karlheinz Lüdeking
2013 Sergej Jensen Michael Callies
2011 Bernard Frize Friedrich Meschede
2009 Pia Fries Stephan Berg
2007 Gerwald Rockenschaub Zdenek Felix
2006 Bernd Koberling Ulrich Krempel
2005 Günter Umberg Angela Schneider
2004 Cornelia Schleime Karin Thomas
2003 Katharina Grosse Armin Zweite
2002 Marwan Joachim Sartorius
2001 Peter Herrmann Evelyn Weiss
2000 A. K. Dolven Ulrike Kremeier
1999 Walter Libuda Andrea Firmenich
1998 K.H. Hödicke Peter-Klaus Schuster
1997 Jan Kotík Jírí Valoch
1996 Reinhard Pods Wolfgang Siano
1995 Andreas Brandt Eugen Gomringer
1994 Lothar Böhme Roland März
1993 Peter Bömmels Hans M. Schmidt
1992 Eugen Schönebeck Jörn Merkert

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