New Season Beauty
Fred Thieler Preis für Malerei 2007

Gerwald Rockenschaub is considered to be an analytical thinking pragmatic who plays a major role in the deconstruction of the conventional concept of the picture as well as in its redefinition.

At the beginning of the Eighties Rockenschaub created paintings based on signs, simple forms, pictograms, and clear colors that were assigned to Neo-Geo …Colored or transparent acrylic glass plates, walkable scaffolds, stairways, or inflatable sculptures, which he does from the late Eighties on, guide the viewer’s movements and lead him to new ways of perception … The aesthetic practice is a fluctuating crossover between club culture, design, architecture, art, and pop culture … A basic principle of Rockenschaub’s work is concentration on few but essential elements and structures, which are newly defined for each performance or location ...

Ellen Seifermann, On the exhibition at the Kunsthalle Nuremberg, 2005
the citation follows the catalogue MUMOK Vienna, 2004