For enquiring artists

GASAG Art Prize

Art at the interface to science and technology is the theme of the GASAG Art Prize awarded to a promising young artist every two years. Since 2010 GASAG has been teaming up with the Berlinische Galerie to celebrate the event, as the winners are drawn from the Berlin art scene.

Portrait of a person with long, curly hair and a black top in front of a woodcut on a black background.

Mariechen Danz, Winner GASAG Art Prize 2024

© Photo: Ayami Awazuhara

The award comes with a purse of 10,000 euros. In addition, the winner has a chance to put on a show in our museum with an accompanying catalogue. A new work is created for this exhibition and then integrated into the Berlinische Galerie collection.


Year Winner
2024 Mariechen Danz
2020 Marc Bauer
2018 Julian Charrière
2016 Andreas Greiner
2014 Nik Nowak
2012 Tue Greenfort
2010 Susanne Kriemann



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