Address book of Hanna Höch, 1917–1978

Address book of Hanna Höch, 1917–1978

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All museums breathe research

Curiosity is the cradle of scholarship. The questions we ask ourselves about our holdings are the rootstock of our day-to-day work at the museum. So one of our most important tasks is to keep building on what we know about the works and artists in our collections. Research is not an end in itself for a museum. We share this knowledge with our visitors and with other researchers – in exhibitions and catalogues, in our Collection Online and at conferences.


Provenance- and art-market-research

In most cases nobody re­members how many hands an early modernist work passed through before the Berlinische Galerie was able to acquire it in 1975 or later. Provenance researchers attempt to trace the origins of these works.

More about provenance and art-market-research


According to the collections of the museum the library preserves literature on Modern Art, Photography, and Architekture, mainly of the 20th century. The stock (at the moment 70.000 volumes) expands countinously by means of donations and estates (for example the library of Eberhard Roters, the founder of the museum).

It annually increases by about 2000 units, mainly by means of the publication exchange program with about 170 institutions at home and abroad.

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The library will also be open regularly during the renovation from 7.2. - 25.5.23.

The reference library at the Berlinische Galerie is open for use subject to previous arrangement. Please email your request to We look forward to your visit.

Study Hall

People interested in getting to know a specific object or area of our collection in more detail can have works of art, photographs as well as archival and other documentary materials from our collections presented to them here. The holdings of the Berlinische Galerie are available to anyone interested free of charge for academic, journalistic or private studies.

For the presentation of collection objects in the study room, please register via e-mail or by telephone. Please contact the relevant collections department for this purpose. Due to the limited number of seats, there may be waiting times, for which we ask for your understanding. We recommend that you register at least 3 weeks before the requested appointment.

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Free of charge and after prior registration (via e-mail or telephone) with the relevant collection department

Our collection Online: over 40,000 works and archival documents have already been digitised.

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