Art education
in the museum

Photo: Three children playing with craft materials on the table in front of them.
© Daniel Müller

Berlin art for you!


See the art, find out more, talk to other people, ask questions, explore your own creativity and best of all: enjoy it! Our education programme is designed to keep you company while you explore our exhibitions at the Berlinische Galerie. Berliners and travellers, adults and teenagers, children and families, pre-school groups and secondary students, people with disabilities or special needs – we have something for everyone. Modern and contemporary art from Berlin – for you.

Our education programme is supported by two competent partners: Jugend im Museum e.V. and Kulturprojekte Berlin GmbH.

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New pathways to public education

We want to capture the imagination of people who don’t know the Berlinische Galerie yet and open our doors to new kinds of visitor. That’s why we run long-term art and education projects with associations and groups in our neighbourhood, work regularly with schools in Berlin and try out innovative formats. Encounters are always at the heart of it – with the art and with other ways of seeing things. Our museum should be a hub of communication for everyone. Our approach to education and museum activities is founded on cooperation and participation.

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Atelier Bunter Jakob

(Almost) anything is possible in the Atelier Bunter Jakob. It’s a studio where children and teenagers can give free rein to their creativity and put their own ideas into practice: try out paints, techniques and materials, take photographs, draw, print, make a cartoon film or a sculpture – the focus is on experimenting and enjoying art.

Activities with young people in the Atelier Bunter Jakob are designed and implemented by the non-profit association Jugend im Museum on behalf of the Berlinische Galerie.

207 m²
Space for Action and Collaboration

In the exhibition area of the Berlinische Galerie, there is a space especially for cultural education: 207 m² – devoted to workshops, collaborative projects and artistic activities.

Community Garden

Urban gardening or the good old allotment – city dwellers crave a piece of nature. The Berlinische Galerie has a community garden where anyone who wants can come along, do a spot of gardening and relax. In the summer months we team up with the Princess Gardens next door to plant flowers, herbs and vegetables in the museum forecourt. The season begins with a plant workshop and every three weeks there is a public garden surgery. Then it’s time to harvest – and everyone is welcome to contribute questions and ideas.


Christine van Haaren

Head of Education and Outreach
Phone +49 030-789 02-836

Katrin-Marie Kaptain

Phone +49 030-789 02-837