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Scenes from Trial and Error (2020, 30 Min.)

In “Scenes from Trial and Error” the artist takes a close look at the planned city Anaklia in Georgia. A little fishing village on the Black Sea is to be transformed into a futuristic „smart city“ but for the last 20 years implementation has failed again and again. The film examines the impact of this ambitious infrastructure project aimed at turning the country into a trade corridor for the “New Silk Road” connecting Asia with the West. It also speculates on potential development scenarios for the future.

IBB Video Space

You can also see video art on site at the museum: Since 2011 the IBB Video Space has been screening artists who work with time-based media.

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Photo: A semicircular grandstand with three steps as seating opposite a floor-to-ceiling film projection in a black room.

The IBB Video Space at Berlinische Galerie

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