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Pilvi Takala, If Your Heart Wants it (Remix), 2020, HD Video, 15 Min. (video still)

Pilvi Takala, If Your Heart Wants it (Remix), 2020, HD Video, 15 Min. (video still)

© Pilvi Takala, Courtesy the artist

Pilvi Takala

Pilvi Takala’s artistic practice centres on performative interventions. She tests the social norms that govern how various groups of people function together by exposing them to subtly disruptive situations. The three works being screened at the Video Space in the Berlinische Galerie address conditions in today’s work environment.

Pilvi Takala, If Your Heart Wants It (Remix), 2020, HD Video, 15 Min.

In “If Your Heart Wants it (Remix)” (2020, 15 min.) Takala and her team document the proceedings and interact with participants. Takala probes the flamboyantly positive mindset and the neoliberal belief that success and failure depend entirely on individual commitment.

Pilvi Takala, The Stroker, 2019, HD Video, 15 Min.

“The Stroker” (2018, 15 min.) restages Takala’s intervention in a trendy London co-working space used primarily by start-ups. Takala poses as a “wellness consultant”. She is extremely friendly towards the people working there, touching them slightly on the shoulder without being asked. Their reactions range from benign to uncomfortable or even outright rejection, with body language and exchanges between co-workers replacing direct verbal confrontation. In the glass architecture of this allegedly so laid-back new world of work, we witness how personal boundaries are negotiated.

IBB Video Space

You can also see video art on site at the museum: Since 2011 the IBB Video Space has been screening artists who work with time-based media.

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Photo: A semicircular grandstand with three steps as seating opposite a floor-to-ceiling film projection in a black room.

The IBB Video Space at Berlinische Galerie

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