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Kunstwerkstatt Kreuzberg der Lebenshilfe e.V.

Artist Talk

Artist Talk with Lucas Odahara

In english, part of „Park Platz“

Gudrun Krebitz, Exomoon, 2016 (video still)

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Our Virtual Video Space features highlights from our programme of recent years interspersed with new additions. It aims to offer a forum to new perspectives and unexplored references. Starting July 1, works by two of Germany's most successful experimental filmmakers will be on view: Gudrun Krebitz and Susann Maria Hempel.

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Trailer: Park Platz (31.5.–20.9.21)


Out into the City!

Audio Walk App for the exhibition "Anything Goes? Berlin Architecture in the 1980s"

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Cami Stone, Ohne Titel (Carola Neher), 1920–1930

Women's Portraits from the 1920s

The 24 works in reveal a diversity of practices in portrait photography in Berlin during the period. The online presentation provides a first glimpse into the exhibition. 

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Wohnhof LiMa


Visiting Apartment Buildings of the 1980s

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Exhibition view of the exhibition „Provenances. Wayfaring Art“

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Digital media center to the exhibition „Provenances. Wayfaring art“

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Provenances. Wayfaring Art

Virtual tour through the exhibition with Thomas Köhler, Klaus Lederer, Wolfgang Schöddert and Martin Hoernes

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Gernot Wieland, Thievery and Songs, 2016

Video Space

Selected video works from our current programm and our collection.

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Nan Goldin, Siobhan in my mirror, Berlin, 1992

Out and About

Queer Visibilities in the Collection of the Berlinischen Galerie

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One Year of Art

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