Berlinische Galerie

Museum of Modern Art, Photography and Architecture

Photo: Building with a flat roof and a gass front with the logo of Berlinische Galerie on it. On the square in front of it are people and a metal sculpture.
Berlinische Galerie, Außenansicht, Foto: © Noshe

The Berlinische Galerie is one of the newest museums in the German capital and collects art from Berlin dating from 1870 to the present day – with both a local and international focus. 

Founded in 1975, the State Museum reopened in its own building close to the Jewish Museum in 2004, moving into a spacious industrial hall that has been rebuilt to provide 4,600 square metres of exhibition space. Fine art – painting, graphics, sculpture, multimedia – photography, architecture and artists’ archives provide a rich source, whose interdisciplinary relationships create exciting dialogues.

Its outstanding collections include Dada Berlin, the Neue Sachlichkeit (New Objectivity) and the Eastern European avant-garde. The art of the divided and reunified city of Berlin provides another focus.

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