Park Platz


Highlights, impressions, snippets from the programme

The pavilion – exhibition area and
space for collective action

The pavilion is created out of pre-fabricated components used to create shade in agriculture and horticulture. To allow for flexible assembly, dismantling and conversion, the materials chosen can be moved about and extended.

#ParkPlatzBG – Stories, picture galleriss and weekly programme updates!

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Highlights in July

Art After Work

Jung & Artig, the young friends of the Berlinische Galerie, invited to an artist talk with the architects of c/o now and director Thomas Köhler. Afterwards there were drinks and music by Robot Girl.

Performance "Agonal Respirations" with Ania Nowak

Intro-Video for the workshop „Future Archeology" with c/o now

Fünf Personen stehen aufgereiht auf einer Leiter und blicken den Betrachter an

Das Team von c/o now: Markus Rampl, Paul Reinhardt, Andrijana Ivanda, Duy An Tran, Tobias Hoenig

© Ralf Pleger
Eine Gruppe junger Menschen sitzt draußen auf verschiedenen Sitzmöglichkeiten und applaudiert

[Translate to English:] Besucher*innen auf dem Park Platz

© Phillip Zwanzig

Presentation of the photo project "How is loneliness affecting you?"

Workshop "Urban Dreams" with Kotti-Shop

What do we all need for a well-functioning social, spatial fabric? The afternoon is spent collecting concrete visions and feasible ideas for the future by drawing and playing experimental writing games. Together, the participants will put together a big city collage full of their pictures and texts.

Performance "Charper nochy seeking the night"
with Liz Rosenfeld and Colin Self

Performance "Litte Lamp" with Hanne Lippard

In "Little Lamp", Lippard narrates short, intimate memories of forgotten feelings and experiences: journeys, movements, solitude and forms of contact.

Highlights in August

"Nothing that ever was changes" –
with POLIGONAL – Office for Urban Communication

The themed evening is about queer spaces that have disappeared but never quite gone away. Vanished and banished spaces for queer urban culture have enduringly influenced the lives and political situation of LGBTQI*+ communities in Berlin, shaping individual and collective awareness of the city. “Nothing that ever was changes” sets out on the trail of these not always tangible places. Interspersed with artistic performance, people who know the scene will talk about the prospects for queer urban practice and about how things lost still make their presence felt.

Artist Talk and Screening witj Liz Rosenfeld and Marc Siegel

Open Air Video Art

with Igor Vidor and Gustav Elgin, an event by the young friends of Berlinische Galerie @Jung & Artig

Highlights in September

"Free parking" with Kunstwerkstatt Kreuzberg der Lebenshilfe e.V.

For many years now, we have been working with "Kunstwerkstatt Kreuzberg der Lebenshilfe e.V." and this partnership continued throughout the summer. Every Thursday the Kunstwerkstatt hosted inclusive workshops to make art together: free for everyone – except for cars!  

Screening with c/o now

We have come full circle. The last event on Park Platz is hosted by c/o now: premiere of the film "Sakhli Opisi: What do we have in Common?"

Przemek Pyszczek; „Not My Circus, Not My Monkeys“, 2021

Park Platz Art

Eight artists have realized works for "Park Platz" on site: site-specific installations, usable sculptures and art that lives!

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