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Jung und Artig

Meet new people, enjoy art in company, support your favourite museum! The art community is right here.

Mobile Kino 2020
© Oana Popa

We are
Jung und Artig!

 “Jung und Artig” (ok, it’s a pun!) is the name for young Friends of the Berlinische Galerie – currently 300 art enthusiasts up to 30 years old. You don’t need a degree in art history or any kind of background knowledge to take part. Whether you are new to Berlin or have lived here for years – here you can meet new faces who follow art and culture and get to know the Berlin scene in good company.

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© Hannes Wiedemann
Fanschal Jung und Artig
© Pauline Ruther

Our Events

There are great benefits for young Friends of the Berlinische Galerie to reward them for their support: guided tours with curators or the director, exclusive sneak peeks, day trips, themed art holidays, visits to private collections and art fairs, studio visits, chats with artists and plenty else.

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Become a Friend of the Berlinische Galerie and be part of our network. Your reduced annual fee of just €30 will help your favourite museum and bring more art into your life.

Your Benefits at a Glance:

You have free admission to the Berlinische Galerie and our partner museums:

  • the Brücke Museum
  • Jewish Museum in Berlin
  • the Kunsthalle in Emden
  • the Photography Collection at SK Stiftung Kultur in Cologne

You get a personal invitation to exhibition openings and exclusive previews for Friends of the Museum.

Our curators or else the director will guide you and other Friends of the Berlinische Galerie around our exhibitions. We run sneak peeks in-house and at other museums, galleries and many other art and culture venues in Berlin. We organise day trips and short breaks, arrange studio visits and chats with artists, visit private collections and art fairs. There are also regular get-togethers for members, and of course you can take part in all the events put on by the “normal” Förderverein.

Once a year you can buy a selected Berlinische Galerie publication for just €10.

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Out and about with Jung und Artig

Jung und Artig members are a part of the vibrant art scene in Berlin.

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Jung und Artig

All You Need Is Art!

The Friends of the Berlinische Galerie have been supporting their museum for over forty five years. 1,600 art lovers help with their membership fees and donations to make the Berlinische Galerie one of the most exciting venues for modern and contemporary art in Berlin.

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Jung und Artig
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