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Hannah Höchs Adressbuch, 1917–1978

Hannah Höchs Adressbuch, 1917 – 1978

© Repro: Kai-Annett Becker

The open address book belonging to artist Hannah Höch. The yellowing, dog-eared pages with tattered edges reveal handwritten jottings of names and addresses. Slips of paper have been inserted between the countless pages.

The Artists’ Archives at the Berlinische Galerie are a storehouse of knowledge and a versatile memory in written form: from copious correspondence and rare printed matter via diaries and manuscripts to scattered jottings. Here documents are collected, preserved and trawled for content. They originate from individual artists, groups of artists, gallery managers and art scholars who set their stamp on the history of art and culture in Berlin. There are fonds from – among others – the Jugendstil artist Fidus, Herwarth Walden’s avant-garde gallery and journal “Der Sturm”, the Novembergruppe, Ferdinand Möller’s gallery and the sculptors Naum Gabo, Hans Uhlmann and George Rickey, and they reach down to the recent past.

Our prolific holdings from the DADA movement in Berlin are unmatched anywhere in the world. They consist of the posthumous papers of Hannah Höch, the collage artist and the only woman among the Berlin Dadaists, and of Raoul Hausmann, documenting his activities as a “Dadasopher”, dancer, photo-mechanic, sound poet, photographer and experimental engineer. Especially important is the material from artists who were threatened and persecuted by the Nazis and forced into exile, like Lotte Laserstein and Issai Kulvianski.

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Also in the inventory: Hilde Altmann Reich, Marta Astfalck-Vietz, Raoul Hausmann, Issai Kulvianski, Christine Perthen, Fritz Rahmann, George Rickey, Eberhard Steneberg, Fred Thieler, Elisabeth Tilse

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Also in the inventory: Jörn Merkert, Hans Platschek, Eberhard Roters

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Collections of material relating to the lives and work of circa 1,200 artists who are represented in the Berlinische Galerie.

Johannes Baader, Erich Buchholz, Heinrich Ehmsen, Otto Freundlich, Salomo Friedlaender/Mynona, Georg Frietzsche, Ernst Fritsch, Paul Gurk, Heinz Hajek-Halke, John Heartfield, Werner Heldt, Carl Hofer, Otto Nebel, Oskar Oehme, Anne Ratkowski, George Rickey, Paul Scheerbart, Kurt Schwitters, Arthur Segal, Wolf Vostell, Anton von Werner


Der Sturm, Die Novembergruppe, DADA, Zone 5, Die Badewanne, DKB, VBK / NGBK


A bis Z, Die Aktion, Berliner Illustrirte Zeitung, Der blutige Ernst, Der Dada, Die Fackel, Die freie Straße, Der Gegner, i 10, Mécano, Merz, Neue Jugend, Pan, Die Pille, Die Pleite, Schall und Rauch, De Stijl, Der Sturm, Die Tat


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Typografischer Entwurf von Moritz Melzer, Druckgrafik und Druckfarbe auf blauem Hochglanzpapier, 35,5 x 21,5 cm

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