Drehmoment (Viel Zeit, wenig Raum)
Vattenfall Contemporary 2013

Berlin artist Katja Strunz (born in Ottweiler, 1970) is this year’s winner of Vattenfall Contemporary 2013. Her minimalist sculptures and site-specific installations explore the links between space, history, and time.

Katja Strunz, Ausstellungsansicht: Drehmoment, 2013

Katja Strunz, Ausstellungsansicht Drehmoment, 2013, © Katja Strunz

In her work, a reduced constructivist formal language confronts everyday objects and traces of the emergence and aging of the materials used.

For the exhibition Drehmoment (Viel Zeit, wenig Raum) [Torque (Much Time, Little Space)], Katja Strunz has created a spatial composition, dominated by two monumental metal objects. With this work, she continues her exploration of folding and collapsing time and space and transfers it to the museum’s entrance hall.

Vattenfall Contemporary is the successor of Vattenfall Kunstpreis Energie, which had been awarded since 1992. In 2010, the prize was re-conceptualized together with Berlinische Galerie. Since then, it has been awarded to an artist of international renown who lives and works in Berlin. The award entails a personal exhibition at the Berlinische Galerie, the production of an exhibition catalogue and a purchase for the Vattenfall collection. Previous winners were Julian Rosefeldt (2010), Angela Bulloch (2011) and Michael Sailstorfer (2012).

Members of the Jury were: Petra Roettig (Gallery of Contemporary Art, Hamburger Kunsthalle), Michael Sailstorfer (winner of Vattenfall Contemporary 2012), Thomas Köhler (Director of the Berlinische Galerie), Heinz Stahlhut (Head of the Fine Arts Collection, Berlinische Galerie),  Torsten Meyer (management of Vattenfall), Anne-Katrin Reinecke (manager of Local Partnerships Benelux, Central Europe, Nordic, Vattenfall)

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