The IBB Video Space at Berlinische Galerie

Over the course of a year, the IBB Video Lounge will present twelve artists who have recently attracted attention with an innovative approach to the film or video medium.

Cathleen Schuster, Unfinished Business, 2009, © Cathleen Schuster
© Cathleen Schuster

Documentary techniques will feature alongside strategies for challenging the medium and testing new formats for cinematic narrative. Other artists we invite to participate will stand out for the way they explore aesthetic issues, use film or video to record performances, or experiment around audio-visual questions.

The format is designed to include both established names in contemporary video art and young artists whose works have rarely been shown in museums. A new programme composed of different works will be launched every month.

5.6.–1.7.2013: Jumana Manna

3.7.–29.7.2013: Andy Graydon

31.7.–26.8.2013: Laura Horelli

28.8.–23.9.2013: Hito Steyerl

25.9.–21.10.2013: Ascan Breuer/Dokumentarisches Labor

23.10.–18.11.2013: Klara Hobza

20.11.–16.12.2013: Ilja Karilampi

18.12.2013–2.2.2014: Nevin Aladag


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