Festival for the exhibition „Drawing the City. Paper-Based Works from 1945 to the Present“ on October 3./4.

Markings: A festival to conquer the city by drawing

Berlin draws Berlin! During the exhibition “Drawing the City” the Berlinische Galerie invited all Berliners to come together and make their mark. On 3 and 4 October there have been lots of opportunities to join in and draw inside the museum, on the forecourt and around the neighbourhood. In open workshops children and adults, professionals and beginners were able to let their pens and pencils run free. Animated cartoons brought the graphic city to life and offered new insights into our urban surroundings.

Schools and clubs in the neighbourhood have made a start already by taking part in workshops in the spring and during the summer holidays. Some of their output is on display here. Participants will be passing on the techniques and strategies they practised to other people at the festival.

Artistic concept: Constanze Eckert together with the freelance art educators at the Berlinische Galerie
In partnership with Jugend im Museum e.V.