A guide for everyone

Inclusive audio guide to the permanent exhibition "Art in Berlin 1880–1980"

Besucher:in mit Blindenlangstock und Smartphone in der Hand. Es zeigt einen Audioguide mit der Abbildung eines Kunstwerkes.
© Roman März

Use our audio guide to find out more about our current presentation from the Berlinische Galerie collection. The audio guide is available in German and English and can be used either as an app or as a Web version on your own smartphone or tablet.

It includes audio contributions, exhibition texts and reproductions of 17 highlights from the collection. Apart from background information about the art works and the history of the period, the guide contains audio descriptions to give blind and visually impaired visitors a closer idea of the original works. The audio pointers – in combination with our tactile floor guidance system – facilitate independent navigation around the exhibition. This offers our blind and visually impaired visitors interactive, barrier-free access to the Berlinische Galerie collection. The app automatically triggers audio pointers that help the blind and visually impaired to move around the exhibition independently.

When using the browser version, the audio contributions are not automatically displayed and played. The audio guide is used manually.

Two people in the exhibition space. One person is touching a tactile model, another is looking at a painting.
© Roman März