Heidi Specker

Photographs 2005/2015

In her series IN FRONT OF, Heidi Specker (*1962) devotes 70 pictures to the framework and circumstances in which photographers normally shoot portraits.

Rather than following standard studio procedures, she creates an atmosphere for exploring the relationship that develops between photographer and sitter during a session, visualising their dependences and balance of power. These photos evolved out of a refusal to engage with conventional portrait photography, which serves to depict a status or project a self-image. The random, obstinate nature of these portraits prompts us to question how closely the photographer can get to know a sitter and whether personality can be captured on camera at all.

The second section of the exhibition shows her series IM GARTEN, taken in Berlin in 2003/04. It suggests a walk through the city and invites us to reflect upon similarities between natural and cultural structures.

Heidi Specker is one of today’s leading protagonists of contemporary photography. The exhibition at the Berlinische Galerie is her largest solo show in a museum so far.

The exhibition trailer