Time is out of joint. Photography 1966–2011

Since he first began working with photography in the mid 1960s, Boris Mikhailov (*1938 in Kharkov/Ukraine) has produced a wide, impressively complex and multifaceted oeuvre.

Over the years he has exhausted the medium's full range of possibilities with great virtuosity and drawn a merciless yet ironically humorous picture of his direct surroundings. His continuing investigations into photographic techniques, as well as his work with a wide range of cameras and stylistic means, and frequent alternation between conceptual works and a documentary approach make him into one of contemporary art's most interesting proponents.

The exhibition is conceived as a show of his oeuvre and brings together a selection of works that encompass the experimental images of his earlier years as well as works  produced recently in Berlin. This is the first extensive exhibition of the artist's work in Germany.

Exhibition and catalogue are allowed by the generous financial support from the Friends of the Berlinische Galerie (Förderverein Berlinische Galerie e.V.).

David Saik who had already arranged the upper floor of the permanent collection of the museum space was again appointed to conceive the exhibition architecture.

The exhibition trailer