Vattenfall Contemporary 2011
Information, Manifesto, Rules and other leaks...

In her works, Angela Bulloch studies the complex operation of rule systems in society. For the exhibition at Berlinische Galerie, she continues the concept of her Rule Series in several works, some of which were conceived especially for the exhibition site.

The work group Rules Series, begun in 1992, consists of a continuously growing collection of rules, regulations, and norms. The Big Mac Index, used to compare the buying power of a currency, encounters instructions for those visiting London’s Downing Street, the guidelines of the November Group and the Italian Mafia’s code of honour.Under the title “Information, Manifesto, Rules and other leaks…”, Angela Bulloch chose ten of these texts and transformed them with a new design into monumental wall paintings, DIN A1 prints, and a poster. In direct reference to works from the Berlinische Galerie, the new layout quotes design elements by El Lissitzky, Hannah Höch, and artists of the November Group. An additional part of the exhibition shows texts, documents, and three-dimensional objects that emerged as part of the Rules Series over the past fifteen years.

Art prize Vattenfall Contemporary

After its successful new concept was introduced in 2010, in 2011 the art prize “Vattenfall Contemporary” will also be awarded to internationally acclaimed artists living and working in Berlin beyond the spectrum of painting and drawing - in media art, performance and sculpture. In addition to the acquisition of a work for the Vattenfall Collection, the award also includes an individual exhibition in the museum and the production of an exhibition catalogue.


Sabrina van der Ley, Director of the Gallery of Contemporary Art at the Kunsthalle Hamburg
Dr. Thomas Köhler, Director of the Berlinische Galerie
Dr. Heinz Stahlhut, Director of the Fine Art Collection at the Berlinische Galerie
Udo Bekker, Vattenfall Human Resources Board
Julian Rosefeldt, Artist, prizewinner Vattenfall Contemporary 2010