Video series

Paint it all!

The artists of the exhibition "Paint it all! Recent painting from Berlin" (12.10.22-6.2.23) talk about their works and give an insight into their artistic practice. The exhibition deals with current painting from Berlin and brings together 10 artistic positions.


Tamina Amadyar (Kabul/Afghanistan *1989), Tatjana Doll (Burgsteinfurt *1970), Philip Grözinger (Braunschweig *1972), Eberhard Havekost (Dresden 1967 – Berlin 2019), Olaf Holzapfel (Dresden *1967), Zora Mann (Amersham/UK *1979), Gerold Miller (Altshausen *1961), Peter Stauss (Sigmaringen *1966), Christine Streuli (Bern/Switzerland *1975), Thomas Zipp (Heppenheim *1966)

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Zora Mann
The Daughter of the Easter Egg, 2017

"I'd like my paintings to create a sense of dizziness."

Zora Mann

Christine Streuli
Warpainting_008, 2016/2017

Tatjana Doll über Eberhard Havekost
Geist, B12, 2012

Gerold Miller
Anlage 129, 1996

Olaf Holzapfel
Notice 8, 2008

"For me, it's always about the image, questioning what constitutes an image."

Gerold Miller

Tatjana Doll
CAR_Crankcase, 2008/2018

Peter Stauss
Dutch Master (Mumie), 2015

Philip Grözinger
Rise like lions after slumber 1+2, 2018

"It's always been important to me to include a random, accidental factor as an essential element of my work."

Peter Stauss

Tamina Amadyar
blue world, 2020