Guided Tour

Guided tour through the permanent exhibition „Art in Berlin 1880–1980“

painting by Fred Thieler, Mixed Media on canvas, 160 x 315 cm

Fred Thieler, Tales for W. Turner, 1962

© VG Bild-Kunst, Bonn

The presentation from the Berlinische Galerie collection is a multi-facetted tour through the art of Berlin from 1880 to 1980. Reflecting the interdisciplinary nature of the collection, there is a lively dialogue between paintings, prints, sculpture, photography and architecture.

Duration: 60/ 90 minutes
Costs: 60/ 85 Euro (plus reduced admission per person)
Max. 20 participants

Booking and further information:
Museumsdienst Berlin
Tel +49 (0)30-247 49-888