in Berlin
1933 – 1938

Berated, Banned and Burned
Contribution to the Berlin Thematic Year: Diversity Destroyed

Since its founding, Berlinische Galerie has considered one of its foremost tasks to collect works of those artists who were persecuted or severely limited in their freedom to work after the Nazis rose to power.

On the occasion of Berlin’s thematic year 2013 "Diversity Destroyed" forgotten and discredited artists are the focus of attention, such as Lasard, Gottfried Heinersdorff, Rudolf Jacobi, Anne Ratkowski, Joachim Ringelnatz, their gallerists and collectors, and the architecture critic Werner Hegemann. They were banned from their professions, driven into exile, or murdered, and their work was forgotten due to Nazi cultural policy.

Berlinische Galerie looks back at the broken careers and destroyed livelihoods brought about by Nazi rule. Works by and documents related to these artists will be shown in the context of works from the collection, alongside works by Max Beckmann, Otto Dix, Otto Freundlich, Naum Gabo, Raoul Hausmann, Hannah Höch, Jeanne Mammen, Ludwig Meidner, Felix Nussbaum, Erich Salomon, Arthur Segal and Hans Uhlmann, some of the collection’s main works.