For a long time I didn't know that others felt the same way

As part of a zine-workshop, a self-designed publication in the form of a zine was created as a reaction to the exhibition and to their own experiences on the topic of classism. The zine is a traditional medium for political purposes - it is about resistance and cnexpensive ways to share and easily disseminate content.

The goal of the workshop was to position ourselves as a seminar group in this topic, to critically reflect on classes as well as the exhibition and the exhibition space, and to understand the zine as a collaborative work in which we make visible different knowledge and relations to the topic

Participants: students of the seminar "Investigations between artistic and political education in the context of museums" of the master's program Art in Context at the Berlin University of the Arts with Danja Erni

Concept: Jana Kießer, Franka Geiser, Maikki Siuko, Iman Hasbani, Barbara Bielitz, Jeanne Schmidt and Linda Furker