As Time
goes by

Artworks concerning Time

This new presentation of the gallery’s collection - As Time Goes By. Artworks Concerning Time - is devoted to the fourth dimension, that of time. 38 artistic standpoints and a total of 80 works will be shown in an area of 1600 square metres.

Besides perception of time processes, the exhibition focuses on phenomena such as the passage and perpetuation of time, public and private memories, or nostalgia and an euphoric view of the future.

Once again, it was the diversity of media in the State Museum of Modern Art, Photography and Architecture that inspired the curators – Anna Ewa Dyrko, Antje Schunke and Thomas Steigenberger, who are trainees at the museum. Works spanning a wide range of genres from history paintings to contemporary photography, from the architectural model to video art will accompany our visitors on their time journey through Berlin’s art from the past 120 years. The unusual presentation angle promises many surprises, rediscoveries and new finds, consciously favouring a provocative curatorial approach.
The curators are paying special attention to the mediation of the exhibition. Formats like "tear-off texts" or an "interspace" offer the opportunity to participate actively in the composition of the exhibition. Thus, the solemn nature of informative texts permanently fixed to the wall is counteracted by perforated notes to be torn off. In the "interspace", the chance to record impressions, questions or criticism enables visitors to enjoy a continuing dialogue with each other and the curators.

Selection of Artists

Dieter Appelt, Heike Baranowsky, Peter Berndt, Tacita Dean, Thomas Florschuetz, Johannes Geccelli, Beate Gütschow, Edward und Nancy Reddin Kienholz, Hans Kohlhoff, Wilhelm Lehmbruck, Katharina Meldner, Harald Metzkes, Helga Paris, George Rickey, Henry Ries, Michael Schmidt, Gundula Schulze el Dowy, Wolf Vostell, Anton von Werner