Photographs 1953–2006. Hannah-Höch-Award 2010

In 2010 the photographer Arno Fischer received the Hannah Höch Prize of the Federal State of Berlin for his life’s work. Born in 1927, Fischer scored a big hit with his ‘Situation Berlin’ project (1953–1960). Today this work is regarded as the most significant photographic comment on the division of Berlin in the early years after the War.

Fischer’s pictures – which also include fashion and travel photographs – are structurally complex, symbolic stand-alone images. The artist is principally interested in the state of society, people’s relations with one another and the existential frame of mind of the individual. These are pictures created in the tradition of street photography. Their effect can hardly be separated from Fischer’s influence as a teacher of photography. He has now been teaching for almost sixty years, both privately and at various colleges of art. In the world of photography Arno Fischer has long been an authority, and is taken as a reference point by photographers of all generations today.