Guided Tour in English

Mon 6.5.24, 3 pm – 4 pm

Felix Nussbaum, Der tolle Platz, 1931

Felix Nussbaum, Der tolle Platz, 1931

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Find out more about art from Berlin and the Berlinische Galerie collection. The Berlinische Galerie collects and shows art from Berlin. Painting, sculpture, photography and architecture illustrate developments from the Weimar period until our own day. They present a varied picture of the city, its people and its artists. During the tour you will discover interesting facts and background to the works and artists in our exhibitions. Our art guides add intensity and inspiration to the experience. In their company you will take a closer look and begin a conversation with each other. Art is, after all, more than aesthetic pleasure. It provides food for stimulating discussion and reflection about our society, our world and our personal lives.



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Teens & Adults
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