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Route 1

IBA New – Around the Berlinische Galerie

Start: Alte Jakobstraße 124–128, 10969 Berlin
Stops: 10
Walking time: ca. 60 min
Listening time: ca. 30 min

Route 2

IBA Old – Cautious Urban Renewal in Kreuzberg

Start: Admiralbrücke, 10967 Berlin
Stops: 12
Walking time: ca. 75 min
Listening time: ca. 30 min


Route 3

Friedrichstrasse: New Splendor for the Divided Boulevard

Start: Mehringplatz, 10969 Berlin
Stops: 14
Walking time: ca. 90 min
Listening time: ca. 30 min


The buildings described in the Audio Walks are homes. Please show consideration for the people living in them and respect their privacy. You have no permission to take photographs or to enter private areas. Thank you.

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