Guided Tour in English - Alicja Kwade

Mo 4.4.22, 15 – 16 Uhr

„Alicja Kwade. In Abwesenheit“, Ausstellungsansicht
„Alicja Kwade. In Abwesenheit“, Ausstellungsansicht
© Foto: Roman März

Over 60 minutes experienced art guides offer insights into the exhibition "Alicja Kwade. In Absence"

The work of Alicja Kwade (*1979) is inspired by scientific, philosophical and social questions. Her installations explore
models and constructs that form our perception of time, space and matter, questioning the potential for objective and subjective knowledge. This is the first exhibition where the artist has placed herself at the core. “In Abwesenheit” (In Absence) centres on recent works by Kwade that might, in a broad sense, be read as self-portraits. Her site-specific installation is the latest sequel in a successful format devoted by the Berlinische Galerie to in-situ projects by contemporary artists working in our city.

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