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If you have any questions or problems regarding payment or the booking section, our service provider will be happy to help:
Monday–Friday: 9am–6pm

Advance Bookings
Online tickets can be reserved for the week of the visit and for the following two weeks. Tickets are released on Monday each week. 

Museum Sunday
Timeslots for Museum Sunday (first sunday of the month) are available here.

Weekend Timed Tickets (Regulation no longer applies from 24.10.)
We expect an increased number of visitors during our peak times, which is why we offer timed tickets at weekends.

Purchasing Tickets On-Site
Same-day tickets can also be purchased on-site at the ticket office during our opening hours. There may be queues at the ticket office at weekends.

Free tickets
If you are entitled to free admission, please book a free ticket and show appropriate documentation at the entrance. 

Hygiene code
Surgical masks must be worn throughout the Berlinische Galerie building. Please also take note of our full hygiene code.

How do I book a ticket online?
Tickets for the Berlinische Galerie can be purchased online or in person. 

How will I receive my ticket?
After you’ve completed your booking, you can use the confirmation link to download your ticket. You will also receive it via email. 

Depending on how you book your online ticket, it may take up to ten minutes to receive the confirmation email. Do be sure to check your spam folder.

Can I cancel an online reservation?
Your online ticket can only be refunded if the entire event is cancelled or if the entry is no longer possible on the specified date and time. In the event of cancellation or withdrawal on the part of Berlinische Galerie, customers will be refunded by the authorised ticket service provider, Berlin Tourismus und Kongress GmbH (visitBerlin). 
For security purposes, any refunds will be made to the bank account provided by the customer when the booking in question was made. The cost of any payment transactions (bank charges, etc.) will not be refunded as these fees are due even in the event of cancellation or withdrawal. The tickets will be void immediately following cancellation or withdrawal and the unique barcodes deleted. Digital tickets are automatically available for sale following cancellation. Print outs of tickets do not need to be sent to the museum. 
Please also refer to our terms and conditions.