Igor Vidor

In the IBB Video Space
10.9. – 4.10.21

Igor Vidor, A Praga, 2020, Still, © Igor Vidor
Igor Vidor, A Praga, 2020, Still, © Igor Vidor

Igor Vidor explores mechanisms of power and oppression and their expression in objects or social codes in a variety of mostly urban settings in Brazil. His sculptures, performances and videos convey signs of deep-rooted violence and social injustice in people’s everyday lives. He reflects how these conditions are repeated again and again as a result of Brazilian politics. His recent works analyse the influence of the United States and European countries, notably the role the arms trade has played in the spread of violence in Brazil and Latin America.

From 10.9. to 4.10.21 the Berlinische Galerie is screening “v.a. 4598 (Rio Olympics)” (2016, 15 min.), “Carne e Agonia” (Flesh and Agony) (2018, 9:38 min.) and a new work: “A Praga” (The Plague) (2020).

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