Open Air Video Art
& Artist Talks

Open-air video screening with the Young Friends of the Museum: on two summer evenings Jung and Artig present video art from the IBB Video Space at the Berlinische Galerie. The museum forecourt will turn into an open-air cinema, complete with popcorn and cool drinks. The artists Bárbara Wagner / Benjamin de Burca (12.9.20) will be interviewed in Artist Talks.

Förderverein Berlinische Galerie © Harry Schnitger

Jung und Artig

Jung und Artig is an association for young friends of the Berlinische Galerie: 130 art lovers under 30 who have teamed up to support their favourite museum and explore the city’s art scene together. Meet new people, share the art experience with us and join our network – this is the art community for you!das sind die Jungen Freund*innen der Berlinischen Galerie: 130 Kunstenthusiast*innen unter 30 Jahren, die ihr Lieblingsmuseum unterstützen und gemeinsam die Berliner Szene erkunden. Neue Leute treffen, gemeinsam Kunst anschauen und Teil unseres Netzwerks werden - hier findest du deine Kunst-Community!

The video artists

Bárbara Wagner and Benjamin de Burca

Bárbara Wagner and Benjamin de Burca work primarily in film and photography. Their videos contain both documentary and fictional elements. Popular music genres and the role these play for diverse groups of people, not least in the way they define their identities and express who they are, are integral to the research undertaken by this artist duo.

“Faz Que Vai” centres on the Brazilian dance style frevo. Four performances illustrate how the dancers’ identity is a decisive factor. The video challenges conventional views and stereotypes around gender and the social origins of the performers. Frevo has its roots in march music and the dance movements originated with capoeira, a martial art developed by slaves during Brazil’s colonial period.

 “Estás vendo coisas” presents the tecnobrega scene: a fusion between American hip hop, Brazilian techno and Caribbean reggaetón that has emerged in the north-east of Brazil over the last decade. Drawing on both documentary and musical means, this work testifies to the huge social and economic tensions in Brazil.

The IBB Video Space
at the Berlinische Galerie

The IBB Video Space presents artists who have caught the public eye with an innovative approach to film or video. The programme changes every month.


(in English)

Saturday, 12 Sep, 7:30–9:30 pm

7:30 pm    Admission
8:00 pm    Artist Talk with Bárbara Wagner, Benjamin de Burca and video programme curator Nuno de Brito Rocha
8:45 pm    Video art screening:

“Faz que vai” (2015, 12’00 min.)

“Estás vendo coisas” (2016, 16’00 min.)

Information and booking

The Artist Talk will be in English. The films have English subtitles.

Ticket price
7€, concessions 5€* (*for Friends of the Museum and members of Jung und Artig)

Online tickets
You will need an online ticket to take part in the event.

Hygiene rules
The usual hygiene rules apply during this event.


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