Cyrill Lachauer

Opening of the exhibition What do you want here by Cyrill Lachauer on November 2, 2017. What Do You Want Here is the first exhibition of a cycle produced on the road in the United States over the last two years.



Jeanne Mammen

Jeanne Mammen (1890-1976) is one of the most complex and colourful figures in recent art history. Here are some impressions of the opening of the exhibition Jeanne Mammen. The Observer.



Monica Bonvicini

The opening of Monica Bonvicini. 3612.54 m³ vs. 0.05 m³ took place on 15 September in the context of the Berlin Art Week 2017. The title of the exhibition refers to the volume of the space itself (3612.54 m³) and to that of the artist (0.05 m³), drawing attention to parallels and discontinuities as well as mining the relationship between space and its contents.



Faraway Focus

Opening of Faraway Focus. Photographers go travelling (1880-2015). Based on 150 years of photography history, the exhibition shows how the perception has changed from early travel photography to our globalized world.



Fred-Thieler- Prize 2017

Christine Streuli received the Fred-Thieler-Prize for Painting in 2017. The award pays tribute to her calculated yet stridently overstated application of painterly techniques.



Opening John Bock

Photos of the opening of John Bock. In the Moloch of the Presence of Being on February 23 2017 with performances by Bibiana Beglau, Lars Eidinger, Laurenz Leky and Kris Limbach.



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