Jeanne Mammen

Write me, Emmy!

After 1933, Germany was not a pleasant place to live for Jeanne Mammen and many of her friends. Those who could, left the country. This sorry situation prompted the artist to write a script for a film called Write to me, Emmy! Max is waiting for news from Emmy. In his dream, he imagines the adventures of a postcard that is trying to reach him by ship but faces constant dangers. Mammen’s script describes grotesque and nightmarish scenes in a variety of settings: city, port, fairground, hothouse, museum. Shady villains have dastardly plans for the postcard. The rich scenery and imagery captivated a group of students at Bremen Art College, who brought to life the script that Mammen wrote in 1937 for the retrospective in 2017:
“Schreib mir, Emmy!” Animated episodes from a script by Jeanne Mammen

The crew led by college lecturers Heike Kati Barath, Ulrike Isenberg and Kilian Schwoon included: Livia Brocke, Bohi Choi, Ji Yoon Chung, Armando Ducellari, Grace Esford, Nathalie Gebert, Hairihan, Mayuko Kudo, Luan Lamberty, Stephan Mangelsen, Emre Meydan, Lennard Mülder/ Lukas Bode, Elise Müller, Ghaku Okazaki, Ole Prietz, Johanna Rafalski, Yoriko Seto, Antonia Wetzel, Lea Woltermann.

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