“The Berlin nights are so colourful, so powerfully vibrant, so hot and so very full of the unending pursuit of pleasure and entertainment,” raved a travel guide even in the 1920s.

Max Beckmann made the most of Berlin’s night life during those years. Although he had moved in 1915 to the more sedate setting of Frankfurt am Main, he kept closely in touch with the up-and-coming metropolis, maintaining an exhibition presence and seeking inspiration. When he was here, he would visit the legendary night clubs, dance venues and music halls, where he was able to study the demi-monde of the “Golden Twenties”, the war racketeers, the dancers and prostitutes, the sales reps and elegant toffs. We find them in the lithograph “Striptease” from his folder “Trip to Berlin”, which was recently acquired for the Berlinische Galerie collection and will soon be on show at the exhibition “Max Beckmann and Berlin”. Beckmann’s long-standing art dealer and friend J. B. Neumann described their nocturnal jaunts: “[...] the first thing he ordered was always: ‘Champagne’. He would drink the whole bottle and never offered me a drop.”

Beckmann’s depictions of night life in the “Golden Twenties” go on show from 20 November 2015 at the exhibition Max Beckmann and Berlin. The sparkling wine is already on ice and waiting for you in the museum bar.

Guided tours in german "Max Beckmann und das Nachtleben":
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