International Museum Day

Photo: Building with flat roof and glass front displaying the logo of the Berlinische Galerie. In front of it, people on a square with metal sculpture and floor art.
© Noshe

Reduced admission!
Children and teenagers come in free



Berlin fashion designers from the 1920 s to the 1960 s
12 noon
Tour and dialogue with the art historian Adelheid Rasche
No extra charge, sign up on site, limited number of participants, in German

Family tour
2 pm
Don’t miss this family tour if you are curious about clothes and fashion in our artworks.
For families with children aged 7 and up, no charge, in German
Register with Jugend im Museum:

City Dreams
2 – 5 pm
The Kotti-Shop / SuperFuture workshop is about good neighbours. A big collage of drawings in “207 m²: Space for Action and Collaboration” shows how the Berlinische Galerie fits into its surroundings. Visitors can insert themselves into the picture and add their comments on these questions: What does it take to be a good neighbour? What can we city dwellers do to make communities better?
No extra charge, join at any time, limited number of participants

Weekend tour
3 pm and 4:15 pm
A 60-minute round-up of the exhibition “Images in Fashion – Clothing in Art”
No extra charge, sign up on site, limited number of participant, in German

Target group
Teens & Adults
Families & children
Without registration