“At Home”
by Dorothy Iannone

Dorothy Iannone (*1933)

Druck von Dorothy Iannone, Farbsiebdruck auf Papier, 72,5 x 87 cm
© Dorothy Iannone

“At Home” by Dorothy Iannone (*1933) is a private game of hidden objects, full of personal and sexual allusions. The colour silkscreen print dates from 1969, when she was living with performance artist Dieter Roth in Düsseldorf. Iannone and Roth feature several times here as naked figures. Their home with its colourful carpets, books and plants becomes a patterned tapestry, a backcloth for the couple’s erotic relationship.

Iannone, who began her career in the United States as an autodidact, had been working as an artist for some years by this time. But it was not until Düsseldorf and her liaison with Roth that she established her personal style and discovered the core of her creativity. Even after she split from Roth, the theme of love and sexual desire presented without taboos continued to dominate her work.

In 1976 a DAAD scholarship brought the artist to Berlin. She has lived and worked in this city ever since.

At Home
Color screen printing on paper
72,5 x 87 cm
Acquired with funds from the Deutsche Klassenlotterie Berlin by the Senate Department of Culture, 2014

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