Sunday, 06.10.2019, 11:00–14:00

The Colour Experiments of Josef Albers

Im Rahmen der Workshop-Reihe "Vorkurs üben" zur Ausstellung "original bauhaus. Die Jubiläumsausstellung"

In his book The Interaction of Color, Josef Albers discussed the effects and interactions of colour. In this workshop, we use the exercises in Albers’ book as our starting point. The workshop leader Fritz Horstman draws on Albers’ lesson notes and the memories of his students. In various practical exercises, the participants experiment with Albers’ “four colour worlds” and learn how to create two colours from one.Fritz Horstman is the Artist Residency and Education Coordinator at the Josef and Anni Albers Foundation. He has given lectures and workshops at Dessau Bauhaus, Black Mountain College Museum, Yale University and more. Writings in publications by Ecole des Beaux-Arts, Harvard University Press, Royal Academy and others.

Workshop language: English

15 Euro/ discounted 10 Euro (entrance fee included)

Registration via Online-Ticket.

October 2019